Dry Me Dry Towels

MODERN GRAPHICS ON FABRIC SO REVOLUTIONARY, IT’S PATENTED. In the 1930s, Alabama textile firm West Point Manufacturing Company came up with a groundbreaking dish towel fabric that combined cotton and linen with rayon, a relatively new fiber. Dubbed “Martex Dry-Me-Dry: The Amazing 3 Fibre Towel,” the patented blend became famous among American homemakers for its lint-free absorption and speedy evaporation. 

In the 1950s, Martex Dry-Me-Dry dish towels got a face lift from industrial designers John and Earline Brice. Their bold designs in striking colors were a hit; two were even included in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Dry-Me-Dry: The Untold Story of the “Amazing 3 Fibre Towel” explains the history of these remarkable kitchen textiles and catalogs them for the first time ever. Listings include official pattern names, comprehensive colorways, original sizes, and clean, luscious images by renowned textile photographer Don Tuttle.

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