Towel Collections, Tea Towels and Others

A tea towel is a soft cloth made of linen, cotton or a combination of the two, and usually has an imprinted or woven design for decoration. Tea towels, which are approximately the size of a hand towel, date back to the 18th century, when they were originally used at tea ceremonies and to dry expensive fine china. Today, tea towels are found in kitchens and homes across the globe. They’re used for a variety of purposes, from keeping leafy greens crisp to covering warm baked goods.

Christmas Tea Towels

Christmas Tea Towels as collected by VTLC forum users.

Other Holiday Tea Towels

Tea towels with patterns of holidays like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day and more.

Dry Me Dry Towels

“MODERN GRAPHICS ON FABRIC SO REVOLUTIONARY, IT’S PATENTED.” In the 1930s, Alabama textile firm West Point Manufacturing Company came up with a groundbreaking dish towel fabric that combined cotton and linen with rayon, a relatively new fiber. Dubbed “Martex Dry-Me-Dry: The Amazing 3 Fibre Towel,” the patented blend became famous among American homemakers for its lint-free absorption and speedy evaporation. 

Startex Wonder-dri Towels

Startex (Sparten Mills) Wonder-dri towels were manufactured in a light weight cotton muslin and resembled the dish towels made from flour sacks in size and fabric. Generally they measure 27″ x 31″. They were printed and are usually found with a cloth sewn

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